2-4 JULY 2021, VIRTUAL

ABB 2nd Regional Hackathon

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You should join, because…

We are looking for ideas to incubate and integrate:
  • Innovative ideas that are boosted by a solid team and culminated in advanced prototypes
  • A shortlist of best teams that could be incubated in the 2nd cohort of ABB Incubator
  • Solutions that could be integrated with the ABB online and mobile services
We are geared to supporting the startup ecosystem in Azerbaijan:
  • More startups and fintechs that are converted into viable businesses
  • A boosted entrepreneurship ecosystem that hosts startups exporting solutions to other markets
We are keen on enabling young talent and entrepreneurs:
  • Young entrepreneurs and developers who are confident in their talents and eager to keep on

A unique learning and winning opportunity


A learning opportunity through teamwork with people from differing backgrounds and credentials.


A focused event incentivizing exchange of knowledge and experience towards digital technologies.


An inspiring coding challenge that blends business pedigree with technical skills for financial innovation.


60+ international teams that gather the best talent locally and globally


A fine roster of local and global mentors that will work 1:1 with the competing teams.

About the Event

1st place 3000 AZN

2nd place 2000 AZN

3rd place 1000 AZN

Other prizes for selected idea by sponsor

48 hours of the Hackathon

Cloud Services for participants

Opportunity to be Incubated in ABB Innovation Center for the selected teams

15 mentors

Up to 60 teams

200+ participants

We empower innovation in digital retail services

How to improve customer experience and secure operational excellence in retail services?
  • An enhanced use of digital shopper analytics
  • Leveraging on data for enabling an efficient customer journey
  • Generating integrated payment and checkout solutions
  • Strengthening security and fraud prevention layer in e-commerce
  • Diversifying financing options for digital shoppers (i.e. instant loans)
  • Improving an integrated and timely delivery service with e-shopping
How to engage loyalty services in a cross-industry approach?
  • Developing an integrated loyalty service to earn and burn bonuses in various retail industries (ie oil, catering, hospitality, travel, grocery, telecom, etc.)
  • Enabling aggregated platforms for retail services i.e. restaurants, hotels, theaters, local services and etc
  • Customer segmentation, profiling and scoring
Other Ideas
  • Feel free to bring up other ideas that relate to open innovation in retail services



Taleh Tahirli

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Transformation Officer at ABB.
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Nihat Senyuva

Chief Information Officer at ABB
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Mustafa Baltaci

Co-Founder of KOOPHub, a community enabler and accelerator of innovation and technology programs in Turkey and around. He is also the Chairman of FintechPark, an advisory boutique for financial services industry in EMEA.
Linkedin Profile

Dr. Abzetdin Adamov

Director of Center for Data Analytics Research, faculty member at the School of Information Technology and Engineering, ADA University.
Linkedin Profile

Farid Ahmadov

Adviser to the Minister of Transport, Communications, High Technologies
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Nikita Kharchenko

Startup Business Development Manager. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
Expert on market entry strategy, product marketing, branding, product community, fundraising, mutual partnership models.
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Mehmet Ali Savash

Director of Digital Banking at ABB
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Omid Safarzadeh

Lead Data Scientist at ABB
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Daniel Anderson

Software Engineer,Data Scientist Wawiwa Tech Training
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Nikita Kharchenko

Startup Business Development Manager Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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Egor Shadrin

Startup Solutions Architect Amazon Web Services (AWS) EMEA
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Rashad Eyvazov

Managing director at Next Step Innovation Center
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Mustafa Basharir

Head of Digital Factory at ABB
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Selection & Judging criteria

Applicants selection criteria:

In order to assess team and individual applications for the Hackathon participation, following criteria are applied:
  • Originality/Creativity
    Does this idea/solution is something unique?
  • Usefulness / impact
    Does the current market need this idea? Will it make an impact?
  • Relevance
    The project pertains to the concept of digital innovation and the Hackathon targets

Judging criteria for the semifinal and final:

Juries will weigh the criteria equally. During pitching, participants are recommended to describe what they did for each criterion in their project.
  • Originality/Creativity
    Does this idea/solution is something unique?
  • Usefulness / impact
    Does the current market need this idea? Will it make an impact?
  • Relevance
    The project pertains to the concept of digital innovation and the Hackathon targets
  • Execution quality.
    Is the user experience smooth? Does everything appear to work?
  • Presentation/Pitching.
    How well is the team prepared to present their project?

You can find our Terms of Reference here and Privacy Policy here for your review.

Let’s go online with physical coworking option in Baku

The Hackathon will be fully virtual towards online communication and exchange tools. Slack will be the main communication tool for team building, ideation and pre-hackathon exchanges. The teams will be able to talk out plans, consult mentors, share ideas or follow along on Slack. The main sessions and webinars as well as teamworks will be conducted on Zoom. The detailed instructions of Slack and Zoom usage will be shared with the participants.

For teams who wish to work together face-to-face and in case national/corporate Covid rules allow, ABB will make its training and startup center available for a limited number of seats. This availability requires reservation with the organizers.

We support startup ecosystem in Azerbaijan


Strategic partner


Organizing partner

Frequently asked questions

What is a hackathon ?
Hackathon is an unorthodox way to solve different kinds of problems. It is a competition that gathers
programmers, professionals and entrepreneurs with different skill sets to work collaboratively, on an innovative project usually in a weekend.
What should I build ?
Participants should build a prototype or a pretotype in accordance with targeted areas of work. The prototype or pretotype should represent the idea and show how the idea can be implemented. It could be different kinds of solutions: websites, mobile apps, chatbots, etc – the format is up to you. You will have 48 hours for project development. Projects will be first pitched in the semifinals. The finalists will be presented to the juries in the pitching session.
Is there any participation fee ?
Participation in the hackathon is free of charge. ABB is aiming to develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of the country in general. With this view, ABB Hackathon was organized.
How to participate ?
Please, register on our website. Then you will receive a registration form on your email – it needs to be filled out. After reviewing your application, the organizing committee will contact you to confirm your participation within 10 days.
Do I need to have a team to participate ?
Not necessarily. You can register as a team or individually. In case you sign up on your own with no team, we will help you to settle in a team before the event.
Does each team member has to be registered ?
No, one team member can register all others as the members of one team. Still all necessary registration info on each team member should be entered according to registration form requirements. Teams will ideally consist of 2 to 5 participants.
What will I do there if I am not a programmer?
ABB hackathon targets web programmers, data analysts, designers, communication experts, entrepreneurs, lawyers, managers and other enthusiasts. You don't necessarily need to be a programmer to participate, however, someone within your team should have an IT background/knowledge.
What data and tools can I use?
You are free to use any tools, IDEs, etc you prefer. If you have any special requirements on software/hardware, please contact us.
What will you provide to the participants during the hackathon?
Participants will be provided:
Help / consultation / feedback from mentors on projects, ideas or technical issues;
Pleasant atmosphere and communication with other participants
Winning teams will receive valuable prizes from the organizers of the Hackathon.
Do I have to be physically present at the hackathon?
Our Hackathon is going to take place online, so we expect your online presence and participation in all the Hackathon events planned. The detailed agenda will be provided during the onboarding procedure. The agenda is designed in the way that it is possible to get the maximum by staying in the Hackathon all the time. But if you will skip some parts – it is your decision, which can affect your project and your team.
For teams who wish to work together face-to-face and in case national/corporate Covid rules allow, ABB will make its training and startup center in Baku available for a limited number of seats. This availability requires reservation with the organizers.
How will the participants/teams communicate with each other and mentors?
All communications during the Hackathon will be organized in the Slack workspace. All mentors will be available in Slack as well as the organizers’ team. So you will be just one message from solving each and every issue you may have. Also for meetings and Hackathon sessions, the Zoom rooms will be arranged.
Which language will be used in hackathon?
We are expecting participants from other countries and aim to make it convenient for all the participants. So the languages of the Hackathon are Azerbaijani and English based on the preference of the team members. At the same time, during their work, the teams will communicate with each other in any language convenient for them.
Who owns the right of the developed projects on the hackathon?
Exploitation and property rights to prototypes developed during the Hackathon are reserved for Participants and ABB. ABB will have the liberty to use, develop, revise, edit, deploy, launch, market, sell, partly or wholly, ideas, projects or prototypes that are suggested, developed, pitched during the Hackathon. For doing that, ABB will not be indemnified or held liable whatsoever by participants or any party that claims ownership or rights to that idea, project or prototype.
How will juries evaluate projects?
Projects will be evaluated by Hackathons’ juries based on the Judging criterias advertised at our website in the section “Judging criterias”
Who are the mentors?
Mentors are invited experts from various fields. They will support participants by providing professional expertise and advice where needed. In the agenda we had planned mentors’ sessions, in addition you can schedule a consultation with a mentor.
Are employees of other banks allowed to participate in the Hackathon?
Yes. Employees working in other banks may participate in ABB Hackathon by following the appropriate rules and conditions of the event.